Chart: How add data from new region?

The Calc user manual says that to add a data range for a chart from an additional region, “use a semicolon as a delimiter between ranges. Enter the first range, then manually add a semicolon at the end of the text box, then enter the other ranges.”

When I go to Format > Data Range, add a semicolon in the text box, and select an additional range, the Data range box turns orange. OK is grayed out and clicking the Data series tab does nothing. The only option appears to be to select Cancel.

The manual also gives directions for adding to a data series (as opposed to data range) from an additional region. In this case, we are told to hold Ctrl while selecting the additional data. No matter how I try to do this, I get the same result: the Data series text box turns orange and Cancel is the only active option.

How can I select unconnected data to add to either a data range or a data series?

From my pov the Help is wrong (for 6.0) or the current implementation has a bug, since if I add a range using the automatism in Data Range dialog the delimiter automatically choosen is “,” (colon) instead of “;” (semicolon).

image description

Hope that helps.

Thank you for looking into this. From my testing, I agree that a comma “,” (not a colon) is what is needed, rather than a semi-colon. I will see if the documentation can be changed to reflect this.

The character used to separate items (data ranges) in a list of items is dependent on the Locale currently being used. This is not the same as the UI Language.

In this case a Locale of (en_US.utf8) uses the comma, while other Locales ie (fi_FI.UTF-8) would use a semicolon as the comma is used as decimal separator in that Locale.

So for the English Guide it would be appropriate to show a comma it would also be worth noting that the character used can change when the Locale is changed.

Thank you. Would it be possible to list what some of the most common separators could be? I imagine a fairly limited list would cover most locales but I could be wrong.

Drew, do you know if there is a way for a user to readily find the delimiter for their locale?