chart multiple series using values in cells to separate series


I’d like to do a multiple series XY chart from data where the value in the cells in one column serve to identify the different series. This is what my data looks like:

node	timestamp	loss
33	1568711955	0.00%
34	1568711955	0.00%
35	1568711955	100.00%
36	1568711966	100.00%
33	1568712006	0.00%
34	1568712006	0.00%
35	1568712006	100.00%
36	1568712016	100.00%

The value of the “node” column indicates the different series. They are all mixed up in the source data as values are appended over time in sequence for each node so I’ll be re-doing the chart quite often. I’d like to plot the loss value versus timestamp for each node as separate series. Sorting the data is easy but selecting each series range to insert it manually in the chart is not envisageable as I have several million values for each time series and dozens of nodes.

What I’d like is to be able to say to use the “node” value as a criteria to automatically sort the data into series.

I thought this would be pretty standard but I’ve been looking in the various options of the chart wizard and can’t seem to find how to do this. Is it possible to do this?

Thanks a lot.


Forget my question. Appart from sorting the data, the problem arises from the fact that the timestamp used for the X axis is not necessarily the same for each time series. I have to reduce the dataset to one common timestamp for each loss value of each node so that I can do a multiple series XY chart. If I do that, I can also at the same time sort the data into one value column per node quite easily via a bit of code.