Chart: Not possible to edit chart wider than 280cm

I have a data-set that is roughly 15000 rows. To be able to view it I found out that you can make the chart very wide using “Position and size…”, available when not in edit mode.

But when I make the chart wider than 280.1 cm, the chart will go black when I select “Edit” on the right-click menu. It still works, but I just don’t see what I do.

Chart height seems not to affect this.

This is just an inconvenience to me, but if it is a bug, please see if possible to fix.

(Windows 7, Libre Office and 6.3.3, Regional setting Sweden where comma is the decimal point)


In other contexts using LibreOffice/OpenOffice I have seen that the max size of “canvas” (graphical workspace) is 300x300 cm. Your observed limit is so close to this that I suspect a connection (the chart size pushing underlying “parent” object size past the 300 cm limit)

Yes, it is the canvas I change size of, and the whole canvas goes black.
But I can make it much wider. 680 cm is no problem.