Chart properties still changing on their own

I’ve asked this before and haven’t gotten an answer. I thought I’d try again. I have a spreadsheet that has a number of charts, reading data from other worksheets, and I have this one sheet protected. I save the charts in exactly the way I want them to look, but every time I reopen the spreadsheet, the chart’s look has changed. See the images below. I’m trying to find out if there is a setting that I need to change or what, but it is getting aggravating. If I set the chart below to be a pie chart, it really gets screwed up, to the point of not being readable. As you can see, the bars on the chart shift downward, cutting the bottom bar in half.

Chart the way I want it to look:

Chart the way it looks after I open it:

I’ve also attached a copy of this one worksheet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.Test 1.xls

And I am running the latest iteration of LibreOffice in Windows 10 Home.

And why do you use alien format like .xls? Save as LibreOffice’s native .ods format and you’ll get what you expect (at least - I do get the result you expect to get).

I use the .xls format because this sheet is passed around to two other people and they are using Excel, one of them using MS Office 2003. They need to be able to make changes to the data worksheets and have the charts work the way they should.

No matter which application you use, you need to realize that for any application, the support for external formats will necessarily be not ideal: be it because of bugs, or because of incomplete implementation, or because of fundamental differences that sometimes prevent the very possibility of lossless roundtrip of some information. Your usecase is understandable, but we live in the real world. For LibreOffice, the native file format is ODF; MS formats are external for LO.


use native LibreOffice Calc format .ods and this will not happen (It doesn’t happen with .xlsx either, though I don’t recommend that format for working with document but data exchange with third parties only.

Feel free to submit a bug report against the .xls export here

If your are interested you may also read: [Tutorial] Differences between Microsoft and AOO/LO files (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum, which is about format differences of MS Word and LibreOffice Writer, but principles also apply to spreadsheets.