Chart representation of null values

LOGraphTest.odsThis is weird.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there is a variance in the way charting handles “direct local sheet null values”, compared with “referenced remote sheet null values”.

I’ve attached a file where sheet 1 contains the entered data and two charts - only one of which references the local data whilst the other chart references sheet 2 i.e “remote data”.

Sheet two contains data sourced from target cells in sheet 1 or “remote data” with the chart on that page referencing its local data.

Autofilter on sheet 1 column C is set to exclude all future dates and there is a known problem when first opening any auto filtered sheet that if an exclusion is set, it prevents other filters from operating until that filter has been “opened”.

All the charts utilise trend lines.

The main chart on sheet 1 is also dynamic in that it responds to the auto filter of column E.

Note the chart lines and the polynomial trend lines in the small chart on sheet 1 and the only chart on sheet 2 - they project everything including the nulls into the future.

Neither the chart lines nor the trend lines in the main chart on sheet 1 project beyond the current date regardless of whether future “empty” dates are included in the auto filter - Precisely the effect I was hoping to achieve.

It should be noted that if I export the LOcalc to eXcel and then upload that to Google Drive and open it with Google Sheets then the null data is ignored in the two recalcitrant charts - Precisely the effect I expected.

Is it me, a bug or the defined protocol?