Chart showing first of each month on X axis instead of the date I have in the data?


I have created a chart that is updated on the 20th every month, so the dates go 20/01/2023, 20/02/2023 etc., in UK date format. But on the chart the data is on the X axis is shown as 01/01/2023, 01/02/2023 etc. Is there a way to correct that and ensure that the X axis is the exact same as the date I am actually using?

Charts can have different types and settings. Where possible at all attach a file containing a reduced example document clearly showing what you have and what you tried.
Images are only appropriate if there is an issue wiuth the view.

Back to the charts:
You may have left some settings to automatisms, and its unclear to me how you got what your image is showing.
Anyway, equally numbered days of consecutive months aren’t equidistant on a time-axis, and can therefore (imo) not be scaled based on the automatisms used for X-Y-charts.
You may need to resort to line-charts which requires to give the texts used as labels for the horizontal axis, the “categories”, explicvitly, and generally to take the full responsibility for the result.
See this example:
disask99980chartingAsIfMonthsareEquidistant.ods (46.6 KB)

BTW: Prefer the unambiguous way to show dates specified by ISO 8601.
Any regional/national/traditional so-called “date format” causes misunderstandings and additional problems.

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Excuse me the Spanish screenshot. Change the X axis position.

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Pologies for the incredibly late reply, and thank you for your insight!

I understand about dates not being equidistant, but is there a away to transform the date into a “category” field? I can’t quite make that out of your answer.

So in essence to show 20 Jan - 20 Feb etc as if I was talking about “Chairs”, “Tables” etc with a count against each.

Other answer provided in this thread didn’t really work, seems I already have those fields selected.

Menu Data - Text to Columns, select de column heading and choose Text.