Chart trouble...still

Hey there! I am now having trouble getting my pie chart and legend to display together. Last time, both items were displayed as little blobs in a corner of the spreadsheet. Now I find that the chart and display will not display together. If I can get the chart to display, the legend disappears and visa-versa. Please help. It’s part of an analysis package that I must have!

Thanks, very much.


Not sure if this will work on pie charts but it certainly works on other kinds. – Double-click on your chart to put it into Edit mode. Right-click on a blank area of the chart (near a corner, perhaps). If your spreadsheet is large in data, there will be a pause of several seconds while Calc collects all the information it needs. A dialog menu will appear. One of the items will be Insert Legend. Click on that. You might need to edit further to get the appearance you want. Let us know if that works.