Charts: display percentage relative to a given max value


I’m working on a presentation where I’m presenting statistical numbers. I want to create charts, or graphs, where I show both the data number AND a percentage relative to a “max number”.

The datas are based on a user survey I completed, where the “max number” would be the number of people that completed the survey (637). I can’t seem to figure out how to fix this.

Here’s an example:

Now, the percentage here is always 100%, so it’s obviously not relative to anything.

If I change the data table and separate it to columns, adding a “total” column and setting that one to the primary Y axis and the other two (yes/no) to the secondary Y axis, I get this:

While what I really want, is this:

Anyone know how to do this?

I’m sorry if I’m a bit hard to understand. Not quite sure how to present the question :-/

Yes, it is possible. It takes a little bit of manual formatting.

image description

Basically you need to create two series, one with numbers and another with percentages, set them side-by-side and make them the same colour :slight_smile:

(I set the Data Labels at the Center because I like it best, but obviously you can set them to Above the bar)

The link below is an ODS with the solution.


But there’s no way to do this without adding another column of data?

Not that I know of. To my knowledge there is no equivalent to Excel’s “As percentage of row” or “As percentage of column” in Calc. But you can wait for other users’ input.

I think you need the 3 columns because Calc needs to understand which value is 100%. Pedro’s solution looks very good to me because it shows on 2 axis the absolute and relative values.
The only alternative I can see is to go to pie-charts