Charts in LibreOffice 6.4.5. display titles aligned "left" instead of "Centered".

I have recently installed LibreOffice 6.4.5. The previous bug which displayed charts as blank has been resolved but now chart titles aligned “centered” in older versions are displayed left aligned. I can find no way to change this.

If a bug had been fixed, most likely there was a bug report, which was addressed.

Please mention the bug report (a link to bug tracker) for this new problem you see.

The bug I referred to as fixed was tdf#129095 - Chart is not displayed. On updating to 6.4.5 I found that charts that had not displayed in my earlier version now displayed but the alignment of the title text had changed from “Centered” to “Left Aligned” and there does not appear to be any option to change this.

But I asked for the number of the bug about the new problem that you see now in 6.4.5.