Charts in LibreOffice Base 7.0

Hey everyone.

Can LO Base 7.0 on Mac OSX Mojave produce charts in a form that change depnding on the record that we are viewing?

For example, the first record could be a client called Calire Gute who bought 4 scissors.
Then the next record could be Brosina Hoffman sho bought 7 scissors.
Is there a way to make a bar chart that changes depending on the record?

I haven’t found much info on this: I keep getting Calc results in my internet searches.

Yes, it’s possible with macros.
An example could be useful

Possibly THIS might be relevant. It looks complicated. It might be easier to make a suitable query in BASE and export the results to a CALC document for charting.

I looked at that link. Yeah, still a big beginner at macro coding right now ^^’. But I will try the coding method one day. Thanks for the reply!