Charts with bar or column type disappearing

Hi, after last update(Version:, my existing column charts disappeared, at that time I tried to create a new one so I noticed that both, column and bar, will disappear after I finish the dialog, but if I choose other type it works, so as I needed the chart information that time, I just changed it to a working one, but for some data I really need the column type.(That was just after the update)

Today, when I was just using the spreadsheet, when I clicked in a cell, it showed up those eight squares typically used for resizing charts or images, but without anything inside, I double clicked on It and an old chart(that disappeared at update) showed up! but as last time, when I finish clicking anywhere on the screen it disappears again. I found other charts clicking randomly and changed the type so they stayed.

Any idea of what is happening? so far this is the only problem I noticed.

Note: I thought it was an arrangement problem so I tried to bring it to front, forward one and so… It didn’t work

I’m having the same problem. I have found it has something to do with the Categories selected in the chart. If I pick a column with just numbers for the x-axis categories then the chart stays when I click out of edit mode. If I pick the column of dates that I need, then the chart disappears when I click out of edit.

I’ve tried selecting the dates and then formatting the x-axis numbers to various things, but it always disappears. The chart stays, with all the data columns selected if I just blank out the Categories column.

Also the legend is displaying the series in reverse order.

EDIT: The best solution I have come up with so far is to source the Categories from a new column that has converted the original dates to text, using the following formula:


That labels the x-axis and the chart stays visible when I click out of edit mode.

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I was responding because I have the same issue, have found a couple of potential things that might be causing it, and have now got stuck trying to resolve it.

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