check mark do not print propertly

I have a template which I use to print out letters with customised letterhead. In that I created a few form elements with check marks. These check marks can show perfectly on screen but when it prints, it just came out differently.

image description

image description

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Can’t say exactly how this is happening without a sample.

One item you can look at is the properties of the check box. A Check Box control has a default label of Check Box which is what appears along with your other text.

Edit the form, right click on the check box & select Control Properties. On the General tab delete the text in the Label property. Close, exit form editing & test.

@Ratslinger, thank you for your prompt input. Yes I did change the Control Properties and managed to get rid of the Label. However thee are still 1 issue remaining:

The hard copy print out is with a CROSS instead of a TICK mark as shown on screen, also the box is not 3D as shown on screen compared to the hard copy printout。

Note : I made the screenshot by using the Print To File feature. My system is Kubuntu 19.04 running the latest LO 6.3. I have some Windows PCs around for testing and will test and report back here.

In the meantime, I tried to a sample file here but was unable to. Can someone help me how to add an odt file here?


Sorry didn’t notice the box content difference before. Was drawn to the overprinting. Have no answer for that as it does the same on Ubuntu 18.04 with LO v6.3.0.4.

Print preview is OK but print changes to x. May have something to do with fonts.

For adding a file, Edit your question. On the toolbar (upper left portion) there is a paperclip icon. Click on that.

I can’t get the file posted here so I send it through Firefox Send