Checkbox readonly

I need to create, inside a pdf form, a checkbox in readonly mode.

At the moment I found the “Read only” option only on text fields. Is there any way to accomplish it?

Thank you


In a case like this I would use InsertSpecial Character. For example, the OpenSymbol font includes different usable characters

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Unfortunately this is not better solution in my case.
I need a real checkbox that because it can be filled by my application but after that it need to be readonly and user cannot check/uncheck it.

Thank you

@DarioSys - if it is driven by an application, you can differentiate what is displayed from the mechanism of the fields. E.g. you can have a check box whose state is modified by your program, and a special character displayed to the user depending on the state of the box. Sections can be displayed/ hidden depending on the contents of a variable.


Thank you for the reply. I have not the possibility of replace or compose the pdf but only to fill the fields based on fields values.