Checkboxes & Sorting

I am using Calc for a weekly reservation list. The list includes name, date, time, contact info, group size etc. We regularly sort the list by date then by time. On occasion we have cancellations. I want to create a checkbox that would indicate a reservation was cancelled (it would strikethrough all the cells needed for that reservation).
But…when I sort, the checkbox follows but the linked cell does not update.

Can I make that linked cell change in a sort?


[EDIT 06-2019]

Since release 6.1 Images anchored to Calc cells can now be sorted, so the problem is solved. (thanks to @Ratslinger for “bringing up” this question).

[Below is initial text of my answer]

You described the problem well… AFAIK if you need to sort you can’t use checkboxes.

I can only propose workarounds:

In any case, base the conditional formatting (which strikes out the cells) on this value.

See an example of the last two proposals in the attached checkbox.ods.


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