Checkboxes with 3 Flavors

When using checkboxes there is 3 colors. Blank is white, then check it and it is black, and check it again and it is grey.
What does the grey represent??

This kind of check boxes is called “Tristate”. The control properties have a yes/no for to enable or disable it. As Tristate it has the values “Not Selected”, “Selected” and “Not Defined”. You see this three states as list in the part “Default status” in the control properties.

Can you tell me what purpose it serves??

For example, you have a checkbox on a folder to indicate whether the files in the folder are write-protected. “Selected”=all files write protected, “Not Selected”=no file write protected, “Not Defined”=some files are write protected, some not. Or another example: You can have “Selected”=validated, that a property is there, “Not Selected”=validated, that the property is not there, “Not Defined”=not yet examined.

Thanks. Interesting