Chicago Manual of Style Formatting?


So the issue I’ve been having within LibreOffice is the Headers. I’ve tried everything I can possibly think of to get what I want, but nothing works. This is what I’m trying to achieve:

(on page one only): Name, Class, and Date…no page number.
(Every page following): Page number only.

What I’ve been having trouble is getting the Odd pages to contain a Page number while the first page has my name and all that jazz. An example of the error:

(page 1) Name, Class, Date, Page #
(even pages) Page #
(All odd pages) Name, Class, Date, Page #


You will require three page styles: one for the first page, one for left (even) pages, and one for right (odd) pages. LO comes with pre-defined “First Page”, “Left Page”, and “Right Page” page styles. You can either customise these or use your own custom styles based on these). The “Left Page” style is linked to automatically have the “Right Page” page style follow it, and vice versa.

Given that the initial page (“First Page” page style) will generally be positioned on the right, the first page break (Insert > Manual Break…) should use the Left Page page style. I provide instructions for general handling of page styles with different content (e.g., page numbers in the footer) in this answer. While the situation is not identical to what you require, it should provide a basic understanding of what is needed.

Will I have to do manual page breaks for this, or will the headers be formatted properly as long as my cursor is on the correct page? And thank you for your swift reply :]

Manual page breaks are only required to force a following page to use a particular style. This is not necessary if the Next Style attribute is set as required for a particular page style and the two page styles are contiguous e.g., edit First Page page style > Organizer tab > set Next Style to “Left Page” page style. The chain you require is First PageLeft PageRight PageLeft Page (etc.) page style, which can all be done using this attribute. Be sure to use the left and right header / footer paragraph styles for content in the respective pages.

Alrighty, I appreciate it! Also, does the First Page style only show up when I click on Format Header in the drop down menu?

That drop-down is unrelated to styles. It is a quick link to direct formatting. The header/footer styles are on the paragraph styles list and the page styles on the page styles list in the Styles and Formatting panel.