Choose a different autocomplete option in Calc

I’m working in a column where many values start with the same pattern, like “First”, “First but goes after second”, “First and third”, "Sixth, “Sixth and eleventh”, etc. Only some of those values are frequent, let’s say “First” and “Sixth” appear in multiple cells, while the others are unique cases. However, Calc’s autocomplete always suggests the wrong option; so if I start typing “First” it suggests “First but goes after second”, forcing me to delete the extra text each time, all because a previous cell happened to use it once.

Is there a way to choose a different option, like with a drop down menu or something similar, or to make the autofill not suggest certain values?

For clarification: I do not want to disable autocomplete, I want to continue using it but I want it to autofill the correct value.

Perhaps the combination of keys Ctrl+Tab will solve your problem?

@JohnSUN It does help, thank you! Any way to delete unwanted suggestions though?

Well, if you can accurately explain to us which ones are unwanted - we can try together to explain the same for Calc :slight_smile:

@JohnSUN Well, as I explained in my example, if I have “First”, “First but goes after second” and “First and third”, only “First” is a wanted suggestion and I’d like to remove the others.

In other words, do you need the shortest of variant? Does Calc not offer the first exactly this - the shortest of the options for substitution?

If you press Alt+Down Arrow (as recommended here), will the list be sorted alphabetically?

I just would like to summarize suggestions from comments here.

When an auto-completion suggestion is shown inside a cell (after a character is typed, suggested text is selected):

  • Ctrl + Tab cycles through all auto-completion values for the cell, on every key press, selected suggested text is replaced with the next suggestion
  • Alt + Down shows a pop-up select box under the cell with all auto-completion suggestions sorted alphabetically
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