Chromebook users. Did you notice we can now get LibreOffice 6.0 without hassle?

Posting this because I have previously told everyone you will only get 5.0 on a Chromebook and the most likely question anyone will ask here if they are a Chromebook user is “how do I install libreoffice.”

I have it. For those who asked and those who will ask. It IS now possible to install LibreOffice 6.0 because I just did, easy peasy. I am using an Acer Chromebook with the Linux Beta enabled. (Go to settings and enable that.) Now type:

sudo apt-get install libreoffice

and you should now get LO 6

I know one could use developer mode but if all you want is a few apps then this should now be enough. The initial problem of never getting other than LO 5 was due to some issue with repositories but presumably, an update sorted this.

I am posting this because this has been the question I most wanted answered here. I hope the mods understand I am trying to help an increasing number of people buying and using Chromebooks who also want to use LibreOffice. Having tried them all, I never found the ways described on the Internet such as enabling back ports, etc worked. I had developer mode with Ubuntu installed for a while and any version of LO works with that, but it was very clunky and one night the cat decided to do some developing of her own and wiped the entire OS by sleeping on the keyboard.


Have re-opened this question (closed by someone else). Think it may have been better if you posted the question as "LO v6.x on Chromebook`, then in details ask if it was available, then answer the question yourself with what was stated. Still can do this. Just edit the title, details and add an answer (you can answer your own question on this site). Have seen a number of questions regarding Chromebook other than yours and think your post is helpful. Don’t have any interest myself but many others do.

Please do not hesitate to post further but maybe try the question/answer method for this type of post.

TBH just sick and tired of an insane policing policy here that thinks people think one way. Deleting account and going to set up a user friendly site for people like me who like libreoffice and genuinely want to help or be helped. I have been shocked at the attitude here towards anyone who does their best to ask a question. I no longer feel welcome but appreciate you were trying to help. I am sure I can get most answers in a friendly fashion elsewhere. I really felt targetted here for thinking outside of the box and trying to be helpful.

@JackyAnn: your reaction is unreasonable. You had posted an interesting information here - much appreciated. However, you are on an Ask site, which purpose is not only asking questions, but also collecting questions and answers. Every question having an answer is much more useful for others; every question with helpful answer is even more helpful. When users come here to ask a question and start typing, suggestions are displayed, with indications how many answers each suggested existing question has, and if it has an accepted solution.

Your message was not created in a way that would allow to have accepted answer - and credit you for that by the way. It would therefore be much less useful for others. So the suggestion by @Ratslinger was very useful and friendly.

My reaction was NOT at Ratslinger. It was at the initial deletion of the question. I have asked for my account to be deleted. Please do so. Yes, Ratskinger was useful and friendly but many are not.

My reaction was NOT at Ratslinger. It was at the initial deletion of the question

You are in a place where people can (surprise!) make mistakes; and where people can also realize that others made mistakes, and fix them.

At least on one occasion, my words had hurt @Ratslinger (it wasn’t my intention; I am deeply sorry, and can only tell that I never meant my words to be offensive) - possibly I’m just bad in English; or I don’t account for some unknown (to me) cultural differences; or simply have poor manners. But as soon as I realized my mistake, I apologised. For Internet communications, it’s reasonable to expect misunderstandings.

I have asked for my account to be deleted. Please do so

As you were told in another place, it’s something that site admins can do. I suppose you already followed the advice given there; unfortunately, if your account is deleted, all your contributions will also be gone. I personally would regret, but of course it’s your decision.