citation in writer, problem when re-opening

Hello everyone, I see this problem has been already posted with no results, so I’m posting again.
Using LibreOffice 6.2 (and after upgraded to 6.3), inserting a citation in Writer and then saving/re-opening it, it creates the word CITATION attached to the short word used to “call” it.
Anyone has a solution? Have a nice day everybody

EDIT 1: for compatibility requests, I’m obliged to use docx. formats and not others, and yes, it’s the same as the problem above

EDIT 2: I hope this analytics procedure helps understanding

1 create a citation with author, article type, year, url and short word as reference

2 save document and close it

3 re-open it and check the citation

4 instead of [short_word] as normal, it is written [CITATION ““short_word””]

EDIT 3: As per your request, I checked the same error when saving with odt format, and the error DOESN’T occur here, so in odt format there’s no error

Could you elaborate your question? To do that edit it, don’t answer. Give an extensive description and, if possible, attach a screenshot. The provided link mentions .docx. Does the problem persist if file is saved .odt (native format)?

check now please thank you

I had a look at the underlying XML. CITATION and the quotes are added everywhere: in the visible field content you can see on-screen and in the attributes of the text:bibliography-mark tag.

If you open the saved file with Word (I have no Word), do you see the CITATION addition? The purpose oif the question is to determine if the noise word is added during the ODF to docx or docx to ODF conversion.

In any case, this looks like a bug. There is no reason for Writer to add text on its own while user didn’t instruct it to do so. AFAIK, there is no possible customisation of the citation formatting apart from choosing the type of brackets. File a bug on (credentials are not the same as those of AskLibO).

I anticipated your comment :wink:
In fact I saved my project as odt and opened with Word, and the word citation disappeared, so it occurs only with docx format

This may be a workaround if there is no other inconvenience: Word is supposed to be able to read .odt. However, you can’t be sure the whole file is correctly interpreted because M$ has its own interpretation of the ODF standard.

When you save as .docx with Writer, is the word CITATION present in Word? Reciprocally, if you have a clean citation in Word in a .docx file, does CITATION appears when the file is opened by Writer? This is important to determine if the export or import filter is to be blamed.

Before I try that, let me already warn you that all the images inserted in my project done with Writer are NOT displayed in Word, so that might answer your question

I think the images problem is a different one. It may depend on whether the image is embedded or linked. Also there are controls to display images or not.

tdf#127185 bug created :slight_smile: