Clear all direct Formatting EXCEPT Italics?


I have a 500 page document that I need to clear all the direct formatting EXCEPT for the Italics (in order to properly apply the desired styles). This is for a novel. Is there an automated way to do this for all 500 pages? Unfortunately there are italics on virtually every page that must be retained - far too much to clear all direct formatting and manually re-instate all of the Italics.

The original document is in WORD format, if that makes any difference at all.

In WORD, I was able to select all of the text, paste into a new WORD document and select an option to inherit the new formatting, which seemed to keep the italics and remove most of the original formatting. Then I could import (or paste) the new text into my Libre Writer document - but it seems to have retained some paragraph formatting.

I just want to know if there is a better way to do this and be sure all of the OTHER direct formatting is gone so no aberrations appear as I alter the assigned styles.



You can replace italic direct formatting, then clear all others:

  1. EditFind & Replace, click in Search For then unfold Other options
  2. Click Attributes▸check Font Posture, Ok
  3. Click Find All

Expected result : All italic (direct formatting) selected, so you can apply the Emphasis character style by double click in the sidebar.

Then you can select all the text and menu FormatClear direct formatting: Emphasis style is preserved.


For bold search for attribute “Font weight” and use character style “Strong emphasis”.