Clear Direct Formatting ONLY

I’m sure there’s a design reason for this, but on the off chance it’s a bug or I’m just misunderstanding something:

Why does “Clear Direct Formatting [Ctrl+M]” also clear conditional formatting rules from a cell?

I’ve had plenty of places where I want to clear only the actual direct formatting, but want to leave the conditional formatting rules in place. I’m applying the conditional formats via Cell Styles, so why are they cleared as if they’re direct?

Thankfully, since I tend to apply formatting rules by column in most of the sheets I’m designing, I can just skip one cell in my “Clear Direct Formatting” pass, and then change the range on the conditional back from $A$213 to $A:$A, or whatever. But it’s still a pain to always have to remember that extra step.

What am I missing?

EDIT: I also just discovered, much to my consternation, that “Clear Direct Formatting” ALSO includes Data validity settings. This one I sorta get, because to my knowledge it’s always going to be a direct edit. Still, it’s decidedly a pain.

Well, there are properties of cells and ranges that are treated like format attributes (under Ctrl+M e.g.), but cannot be assigned/edited as cell style properties. A partly related issue is the fact that border attributes often would need a distinction concerning “at the edge of the range” or “inside the range”. But that’s a mined terrain as the attempts to implement table styles in Writer prove. In fact we experience problems unavoidably coming with the idea of a software tool as well capable of managing data, calculating, and formatting. It will never work to our contentment, but always induce the request for new toys. There may be need to put a stop at that.
I also would prefer a way to distinguish between “hardallowed attributes” (also assignable to cell styles) and “hardobliged attrinutes”.
A Ctrl+M e.g. should then only remove hardallowed attributes, Alt+M only hardobliged ones, and Ctrl+Alt+M both kinds.
Did you already look for a related bug report?

See also

Conditional formatting is assigned to a cell as hard formatting.

So I’m discovering. It’s unfortunate, given that Conditional Formatting effectively forces you to use/select a cell style, it’s a bit baffling that it doesn’t actually apply that style AS a style.

Then again, given Excel’s complete avoidance of cell styles in their CF, I suppose it’s to be expected.

Only the primary applied Cell Style will not be deleted/resetted. All of the formatting properties - applied by an other method - will be deleted