Clicking in an 'empty' paragraph causing space characters to be inserted into document [Solved]

Greetings to all…

When I click in an ‘empty’ paragraph (ie a line that contains just a CR/LF) in a document loaded in LibreOffice Writer the paragraph is ‘expanded’ to fill the gap between the left-hand margin and the position at which I clicked.
The ‘gap’ that is created between the left margin and the position the mouse cursor was at when I clicked is padded out with space characters. Can anyone please tell me how to deactivate this feature?

OS: Windows 10 - 20H2

But the ‘problem’ has existed since at least LibreOffice 7.0.x and Windows 10 - 1903

No need to “close” it; no need to change its title. Just follow How to use this Ask site guidelines.

Does it do any harm for me to do these things?

If there is no need to “close” a question why is there a close option of:
“the question is answered, right answer was accepted”
available for me to select?

I’ve read the page you linked to and can find nothing at all about not adding ‘Solved’ to the title or not closing solved questions.

The page I linked does not tell that you should not do those things - it only tells how to mark the question properly. The advise to not do those things is mine, based on:

  1. People imagine that they close the question, and that’s all. But for others who search for similar questions, the closed state (and [Solved] in title) is not important (because it would not make the search engine return it as “answered”), while the “has correct answer” mark makes it obvious that someone with similar question got a useful answer.
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And additionally, I worded my advise “No need to…”, not “It’s very bad if you…”.

Click Edit > Direct Cursor Mode to make it not highlighted (turn it off).

Brilliant - many thanks Earnest AI - much appreciated.