Clipboard in document view

I would like a “clipboard” next to my page in writer.
this little page “clipboard” I use to store sentences and words that I use very often. I use my mouse to put these sentences and words in the right places in the main text.
Now i do use a second screen in writer, but sometimes I loose the screen because of other screens becoming active.
this “clipboard” is in the same view as my main text and does not disappear when activating an other screen.

Hi @JaapB,

Please file an enhancement bug and provide as much information as possible. The QA team will be happy to help you triage your feature request in the bugtracker. Thanks!

update: fdo#60252

There is bunch of third party clipboard manager out there a big list here.

I used Clipboard buddy for a while, but no movement there since April 2010.

An other option would be the Autotext feature (you said you use the same sentences frequently). Refer to the help for more info.

WikiHelp · Writer · AutoText

Ditto works fine with LibreOffice (on Windows).

I too would like to see this feature, it is the only reason I keep MS Word on my system as it really speeds up my work on some document types.

Hi @Gonzologist, Feel free to take the lead here and file the enhancement bug – please post a link to it in a comment to this question – you can use the format fdo # XXXX (without the spaces). Thanks!

Sorry, I filed the enhancement request but missed out on the link bit and can’t seem to get back to it to find the link again. Noob problem

Hi @gonzologist, what’s your user name on bugzilla? I searched a bit, but didn’t find anything that looked like this bug.

Bug 60252 - Add a Clipboard Manager to manage multiple copy/paste

The last part of your question gave me an idea:

[This] “clipboard” is in the same view as my main text and does not disappear when activating an other screen.

While this might not be exactly what you want, I thought of something:

  • Create a new text document and resize its window to place it side-by-side with your current working document (so that the windows do not overlap);
  • Change the new document’s view to “web layout” so that the document is not paged (you can then make the window as narrow or as wide as you want, so that you have enough space for your main document);
  • Write your snippets, sentences and often-used terms in the new document;
  • Define a keyboard shortcut (probably a system-wide shortcut) to rapidly switch between multiple windows of a currently opened application. You can now quickly switch between your working document and your “clipboard” document.

Here is something else I found out: if you display the navigator in your main document’s window (for me, docking it to either side works best) and then set the navigator to “Active Window” in the field at the bottom, the navigator will always display headings, bookmarks and objects of the currently active document. This means you can organize your snippets by writing headings in your clipboard document, applying heading styles to them and then see those headings in the navigator window when you switch to that document. You could, for example, have a “Snippets” section and a “pasted from websites” section and quickly access them through the navigator. By the way: if you want to copy and paste content from a web page or other document without carrying over the formatting, you can use the Edit > Paste Special function.

I hope this helps. I think I am going to start applying my own advice now.