Clipboard: vanishing text

I’m using Libre Office; Build 350m1, build:2, on Ubuntu 12.04.
Because I wanted my resume to look nice and Libre added a second, blank page when my document got near the end of one page, I cut the text, discarded the file and re-opened Libre to paste the text onto a single page. When Libre was open again, though, the text had vanished from the clipboard. I’ve looked through my computer’s Trash, Libre’s Help and the FAQ’s. How can I retrieve this document?
Thank you.
(later) Now that I’ve had to give my Facebook info to Libre to get help, I want Libre staff to know I dislike having to do so because of a glitsh on Libre’s part.

This is a system level issue, not to do with LibreOffice, actually. (I recall a pretty fierce debate among Lubuntu developers about this very issue.) I use both Linux Mint 13 and Ubuntu 13.04 daily, and on both I have Clipit running for this very reason (I think it’s also available via Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu, or in the App … thing).

You could check your /home/{user}/.config/libreoffice/3/user/backup directory to see if you might have an older version there.