Clone formatting between different documents

Is it possible to clone formatting between different documents?
(I want to get the character & paragraph format from an existing document of libre office writer and apply it to a new document, without using styles).


Copy and paste the contents. Yet, if you don’t transfer styles, formatting may still change.

Or what do you want actually? Be more descriptive.

I don’t want to copy and paste a text. I want to clone the character and paragraph formatting from an existing text to another text, which is saved to another file.

Although you seem very reluctant to use styles, styles are the only reliable way to get consistent results across documents.

To avoid to recreate styles in new documents (or to repeatedly import them from some reference document), put your style collection in a template and make this template your default template.

If again, you are pathologically against styles, an ugly workaround would be to put some direct formatted initial text in your template. This initial text and its formatting will appear in all documents created from the template. You then have some material from which you can clone formatting but you need to erase it once you have started the real text.

Writer is intended to be used with styles. Direct formatting is offered as a way of quickly experimenting and it presents many inconveniences, notably for document maintenance and format edit.

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Thank you for your response!

I’m not afraid of using styles, I love them, and I think that it is the only available solution yet to solve the problem described. I just hoped that there was another solution, which was easier when having different documents, in order not to create different styles for each styling format. Many thanks to all responders.

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