"close all open documents"

Is there a “close all open documents” command? I’ve looked in “customize” and if it’s there I can’t see it. There’s a save all open documents command, but that’s not it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Your tags need some work. For one thing, “common” and “writer” contradict each other. See What makes a good tag?.

You’re right about common and writer. “All” refers to all open documents.

If you browse other questions using the “all” tag, do you expect to find questions similar to this one? Try it, and you will find that this tag might refer to “replace all”, “all formulas”, “all indexes” etc – not very helpful. Likewise, “open” more often refers to opening LibreOffice, and for this question, you want to close things, not open them.

File → Exit LibreOffice (Ctrl+Q), then restart LibreOffice if desired.

No way to close all files and leave LO open?

A macro could do it. Do you want this? If so, why? I could quickly write one if that would help. A warning: Sometimes there are issues when closing documents via a macro. LO likes to ask interactively whether the user wants to discard changes or not, and since a macro is expected to be more automated, sometimes it gets confused or crashes.

Hmmm. No, I don’t think I want/need it that much. It was the kind of question that just shoots across your mind which, on reflection, isn’t worth anyone’s time or effort. But Thanks!