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Can’t find any information about “How to close an user account on”. Tried to figure out, whether there is a way to remove the association to Discourse/Askbot at with no success. Is there any documentation / procedure on that issue?

Off-Topic here: The same question arises for almost all management systems of TDF (e.g., (weblate), As usual it is more or less easy to create new accounts but it is almost impossible to get rid of 'em as quickly as they are created.

I am really sorry to see this question from you.

But I totally understand you.

Lately, after the site renewal, the count of aggressive newcomers is skyrocketing. Not a place to feel comfortable anymore.

@sophi: can you answer this question please?

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I’m really sorry to hear that too. Please don’t hesitate to flag people when they are not behaving correctly, I’m then able to contact them and try to change their way of posting or mute them if they don’t understand.
Concerning Opaque account, I can deactivate it, but I think it’s something Guilhem has to take care about. Let me ping him on hostmaster to know the correct way of closing the account.

The “flag” feature is part of the problem here. Newcomers, and even “regulars” - until some substantial trust level - must not be able to flag anything. And leaders need some more trust. I am not even allowed to move my own comment to an answer - even though I have the button.

But that’s an off-topic. Sorry.

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Please take my question as motivation to generally think about the issue of “Deleting Accounts” and a generalized implementation of the “Right To Be Forgotten” according to GDPR. In fact it is not acceptable with regard to GDPR that e.g a TDF site states “Generally speaking, we avoid completely deleting user accounts” at (even if I’m fully aware of technical complexity).

I just couldn’t find words to express how devastating would it be to delete completely the accounts like @anon73440385 's. I have some feeling something not quite good is happening with the site…

(Not that I question your right to do so - I’m simply deeply depressed to see that the need for that has arisen.)

So we should discuss this too. Default settings can be changed and there need to be more moderators too. Could you open a new topic and list what need to be changed so we can review what is feasible with Guilhem and make this forum a more friendly place?

Thanks for rising that, I was not aware of it because usually writing to hostmaster and requesting to delete all user information is done as much as possible, depending also on what the user request to be deleted.
Best when there are issues like this one is to discuss it. TDF can always be better but we need your feedback to enhance our processes. I pointed the “Deleting Account” issue to Guilhem in the mail I sent to hostmaster too.

Reply from Guilhem, please send a mail to requesting the closing of you account. Because we use SSO that deals with several services, it’s a manual process and sometimes corner cases to deal with.
Concerning Weblate, BZ, or mailing lists, contents submitted by a user are subject to CC-by-SA and will be preserved after account deletion. The author however is replaced with a dummy placeholder and anonymized with no possibilities to regain access too.

I’m deeply sorry of how it went for you on this site. I really hope you’ll reconsider your decision, but I’ll respect it of course and reading the history, I understand it. If Mike doesn’t want to open a new topic on Trust levels settings, I’ll do it anyway because we need to solve the different situations where new comers have moderation possibilities that are inappropriate and offending for leaders. And members like you or Mike and few others should request to become moderators if they are willing to.

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