codec problem (mov files in pptx)

My son’s teacher is sending Microsoft pptx files to us with MOV videos embedded in them.

I don’t have MS Office on my Win10 laptop, preferring LibreOffice. My company uses Office365 though, and if I choose, I can install it on my laptop (but I don’t want to).

I tried to get these video files to play in LibreOffice by installing all sorts of codec packs and single codecs, without any success. Well, K-lite played the videos upside-down, but there wasn’t a way to orientate them.

As a last resort, I installed Office365 and the videos now play fine (in Powerpoint).

Why couldn’t I find a working codec pack? What codec does Office365 contain that the other codec packs didn’t? Is there a solution, so I can uninstall MS Office again?

OK, more information. She sent me a 54mb un-embedded test file, and I can see that the codec is:

H264 - MPEG-4-AVC (part10)(avc1)

The file plays fine in VLC and Windows Media Player.
However, when I insert it into Impress I get ‘The format of the selected file is not supported’ error.
If I drag it in, it crashes Impress.
If I install K-Lite, it inserts, but plays upside-down.

Anyone got advice or ideas?

EDIT: Given that this is a popular format/codec, and my machine plays the videos fine outside of Impress, I’m going to have to pin the blame on LibreOffice - Impress should be able to play this no problem, and simply has a bug. My workaround for now is to change the pptx extension to zip and extract the video content to play outside of LibreOffice.