Coding sound alerts in Base

The command beep generates a machine-specific warning sound (on the Mac a dull and unimpressive thud). But is there any other mechanism which can be used in a macro to generate different alarm sounds, such as sound(pitch,length) ?

Under linux, but I also believe under other operating systems this works.
Instead of a generic sound, this functon use any mp3, also very short, of any kind

function playMp3(sFullPath)    ' sFullPath = path-name-extension
     dim oPlayer1 as object, sUrlSound as string, oSounMgr as object

     sUrlSound = ConvertToUrl(sFullPath)       

     If not fileexists(sUrlSound) Then       
         msgbox sUrlSound & " does not exist",16
        If GetGuiType() = 1 Then
            oSounMgr = CreateUnoService("")
            oSounMgr = CreateUnoService("")       
        End If
        If IsNull(oSounMgr) Then
           msgbox "Sound Mgr not set",16
            oPlayer1 = oSounMgr.createPlayer(sUrlSound)
            oPlayer1.setMediaTime(0.0): oPlayer1.setVolumeDB(-10)   
            oPlayer1.setPlayBackLoop( 0 ): oPlayer1.start(0)
            while oPlayer1.isplaying()
            oPlayer1 = nothing:  oSounMgr = nothing: 
        End If
     End If
End function

Thank you. It may come to that, and I have found a convenient site for creating a short sine-wave signal: [Custom Sine Tones | Audio Test File Generator].
However, since it involves using an external file, not integral to the database, I am a little doubtful of its utility.