Coding specification of .dic files

I would like to manually edit a .dic file, for example, the en_GB.dic.
But when I open it for editing, I find the words list with some numerical codes that I do not understand (see example below)

jetting 1
jettison/4 1
jet 1
jetty/303 1
Jew/2 1
jewel/86 1
jeweller/2 1

Where could I find the meaning of this coding (/2, /86, and so on), so that I can manually edit the .dic file?


Hi, see here:

Now I see, Thanks to @msaunders

The commands used in the .dic file are specified in the .aff file. For that reason, dictionary files go in pairs, such as, en_GB.dic and en_GB.aff.

The coding format used in both files both .dic and .aff files is fully specified here: