Collect the content of non empty cells

Hi there,

I’m trying to collect alll the non empty cells from a range of cells and build a string out of it.

Assume a range C3:C23 with only some cells with data. example C4, C10, C15. I have no control on the number of non-empty cells. it could be 0 up to the total cells. I have also no control on the size of the range.

I need to build this kind of instruction :

Is that possible at all ?

Thanks in advance.

It’s rarely a good idea to create lists from entities in Calc. If you later want to analyze/modify the result you will experience lots of problems, and a SPLIT() function corresponding with the below mentioned TEXTJOIN() is still missing.

Thanks for the advise.

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As of V5.2.2 the TEXTJOIN() function was implemented for the purpose. You may use =TEXTJOIN(";";1;C3:C23) e.g.

Thanks Lupp have to Upgrade then (still running

It does the work Lupp. Thanks a lot !
I’ll find a way to close the question.

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