Color disappears after importing a dot plot (svg format).


I have a problem with importing svg images. Please help me.

I generated a dot plot with .svg format using the savefig function in matplotlib. When I import the svg image in Libreoffice Draw, dot colors become grey. (Only markerface color changes. line colors remains). The same thing happens in Impress.

The cause could be some set-up issue in liberoffice or my laptop… Other software like image viewer or inkscape show the expected colors. Libreoffice in other computer also displays the plot well.

I am using Libreoffice
I was going to attach some pictures. However, i cannot do it now due to the lack of my points! I will upload picture as soon as I can.

I encountered the same problem: the filling colors of the markers (which are based on shapes, such as square, triangle) of the exported svg images from matplotlib do appear as black. This problem happens when these images are imported to Writer or Draw (these are the ones I tested), but for example Gimp imports without any problems in colors. I’m using LibreOffice on OpenSuse Leap 42.1.