Color problem with math formulae


A lot of my Writer documents include the “blue” color in their formulaes. It seems that this “blue” tag has changed recently, it displays a clearer blue instead of the ancient darker one.

This thread Color conflict with Writer and Math helped me to find the color matching the ancient one: now I can use the “navy” tag. (By the way, this page Attributes - LibreOffice Help does not show all the available colors).

Problem is: all the formulaes I wrote previously do include the “blue” color tag. Is there any way to turn them all quickly into a “navy” tag? I cannot seriously think of editing all my hundreds of formulaes one by one to change the deprecated tag…

Version of LibreOffice:, language: fr_FR, component: Writer/Math
OS: BodhiLinux (based on Ubuntu 14.04, linux 3.16), language: fr_FR.utf8