Color Scale not scaling with max?

I’m sorry if the title isn’t clear enough as I’m not familiar enough with calc stuff to explain it correctly. Right now I have two columns with numbers I would like to have a color scale applied to. In the first column they are simply values 1-10, so I use color scale with the min. green, yellow percentile 50, and max red. This works great, 1 and 2 are green, a 5 and 6 are yellow, 7 is kind of orange, and 9s are red. This is exactly what I want.

The problem is in the second column I have a larger number set, anywhere from 5 to 250. For whatever reason no matter what I do in the settings, at least to what I can figure out, it will not take the “Max” into consideration. With the default color scale settings same as the other column and 20 is yellow which is the exact same as a 250 and everything in-between.

I am not sure exactly how I am supposed to put the settings so it actually applies the entire color scale to it, like it does for the other column, since this is a much larger range of numbers.

Also I don’t know why but I randomly put 200 for percentile just to test and see any changes, and for whatever reason when I use the scroll wheel on the mouse the colors actively change as I’m scrolling which seems very odd and the other column isn’t doing that. But that’s not an issue I’m worried about.

I could solve it by simply putting values strictly with 0-25 being green and 26-50 being yellow and 51+ being red but then I don’t think it will scale the colors it will just be those 3 colors.

I’m sorry for any confusion as I only have limited experience with calc type programs which is why I’m asking.

(1) What version LO?

(2) How is the color scale applied? Would you care to post the file, or relevant bits, so people can have a clear idea of the problem?

I figured out a solution just within the last few minutes, I just changed the min to percentile and 25, and the max to percentile and 75 and it achieved what I wanted at least. Thank you for trying to help though.