Colors on the alert in the page header

With red-green being the most common type of colorblindness (affecting on average 1 of 20 of the world’s population), is it perhaps a bad choice to have the migration message on top in red letters on green background, with seemingly the same brightness for foreground and background?

I guess the message will be more or less invisible to a significant number of users.

Even for me. a non colourblind person, the combination is hard to read. Reminds me of the early days of WWW when there were some awful colour combinations in websites.

It wasn’t broken - why fix it?

I intended to complain too, you’ve been faster!

Add to that, colours are a bit bleeding which creates yellow fringes on letter boundaries making it even worse (may depend on screen technology or on personal visual acuity).

With all these experiments, I fear the worst with transition to Discourse.

Now we finally have a case where the askbot layout is consistent with itself - and you are complaining again.
@keme: Did you notice the “white in light blue” inscript on Index page • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum ?
Both issues seems to be due to a more general concept: Communicate everythiung as inarticulately as possible. Don’t miss an opportunity to cause confusion."
Eager to see Windows 11? I would expect it to lead the records again. Concerning the web the believers of “modern=misleading” are many, obviously. A clear and informative table (black on white) is definitely a no-go for quite a while now.

I must admit I haven’t noticed red on green elsewhere on AskLO. The AOO feature you mention has been commented on a few times there; but it seems resources to fix it are diverted elsewhere :slight_smile:

My comment concerning consitencey concerning the askbot concerning the layout…
was an “alien’s attempt” to do it the sarcastic way. It was’t specialized to “red on green”. It’s alo about the horrible way to display dates and time, the “make as much of the screen unused or misused as possible” and more issues of the kind.
I obviously failed.
[While editing this comment I got a second editing-windowlet the first time. There are more opportunities than we know.]

Sorry Lupp; your point was so subtle it eluded me. I agree with your point of view however and now read it in a more enlightened way.

At least the problem is gone? Until someone else gets a rush of blood to the head.

… Did you notice the “white in light blue” inscript …

Yes I did, and I have commented on it several times. However, that info on the Apache site is not so much an alert as this one is, and also the result does not give the same ugly (painful) aliasing artifacts as this one would give on many displays.

… so …

I thought I’d mention this one too, even though, I guess, it was not a major issue even if someone missed it.

Quick reaction?
Thanks if so.
Or just another issue? :wink:

Excuse my misuse of the “answer” tool.

You’re totally forgiven. It closes the topic (from the home page). Have a nice weekend.