Colors to indicate ranges of values in a line chart (Blood Pressure)

Standard blood pressure conventions define Systolic and Diastolic pressures as :

  • Normal = 120 and 80, respectively
  • Elevated = [121,129] and 80, respectively
  • Hypertension Stage I = [130,139] and [80,89], respectively
  • Hypertension Stage II = [140,179] and [90,119], respectively
  • Hypertensive Crisis = 180 and 120 respectively.

I’d like to create a line chart using either of two conventions to track blood pressure over time. The two conventions are:

  1. Distinguish the different kinds of pressure with line patterns (e.g., solid for Systolic and dashed for Diastolic) and color the lines Green, Yellow, Orange, Dark Orange, and Red depending on their values.
  2. Instead of changing the lines when they move into a different range, shade the ranges on the chart. The lines will be vertically stacked, and, for example, the area for Systolic pressures between 121 and 129 will be shaded yellow, the area for Systolic pressures between 130 and 139 will be shaded orange, etc.

What are the best ways to do such things?

Compare here: