Column Dropdown menus

I keep a general log of jobs I do for clients. When I began the log, I was able to include dropdown menus in the titled columns. The last few years as I added new tables for the current years, the menus no longer appear and I don’t know how to bring them back. I’ve attached what was prior and what is now that I can no longer do. Much appreciative with any help.

That function is the Standard Filter, but not a “Menu”.

Select columns - Data - Autofilter. / (Edited)

Then what? A box pops up and has options of Operator, Field Name, Condition, Value. I have no idea how to set it. Frankly, I don’t even remember setting this when I originally began and it remained when I copied the sheet to a new sheet the next year, but stopped after that.

When comparing it to the past years, the standard filter settings are the same. Thus, I have no idea why it’s not appearing in the latter years.

Sorry. That is the Aoutofilter, but not the Standard filter.
Select columns - Data - Autofilter.

It worked but it didn’t actually attach a dropdown arrow on each column title. Above the titles is a merged cell with Job Logs and the year. It dropped an arrow to the far right above Paid column but not anywhere else. Yet, if I click inside the merged cell above the title to lower right, a menu will drop for each. Thus, even though there isn’t an arrow, it works.

Therefore, it is better to attach a real example (spreadsheet) file to a question instead of an image. The merged cells are not visible in the first attached image. And I did not notice that the filter header is located in the second row.
You have two workarounds:

  • delete the first row.
  • select the exact cell range (beginning in the second row) - instead of the whole columns - before you apply the Autofilter.

Since you have an extraneous row (the first one) with merged cells, it is automatically included in the current range of cells. But you can explicitly select the desired range and enable the autofilter. And to select the range, you only need to select the header row. If you are prompted whether to consider the first row as column headers, answer in the affirmative.

Bingo. Thank you very much. That was the solution.