Column width resets periodically

Good morning. I’m having an issue that has been driving me nuts. I have a spreadsheet with around 50 columns of varying widths. Some columns I use as solid color spacer columns of .01 width. Every so often when I open the doc, the spacer columns have gone to .00 and I have to go back through and resize them all again.

Now, I was searching Google for an answer and came across this site that had a solution. The solution in that 2 year old thread was to

This does not work as that option is already unticked. So is there another solution that would fix the issue?
I’ve attached an example. The 2nd tab I left alone after it auto resized the columns. The 1st tab is how I want it to be.
example.xls (55.5 KB)

How about using a cell border instead of “color spacer columns”? Apart from that, saving in .xls file format instead of the native ODF .ods may destroy your exact spacing because Excel uses an imaginary “fractions of the default font size character width” whatever that might be and result in when converting back and forth.