Combining COUNTIF formulas

I have 2 formulas that are working stand alone…

=COUNTIF($G$2:$G$1000,V9) Returns 3

=COUNTIF($H$2:$H$1000,“Sent”) Returns 10

But There is only 1 cell that meets both of those requirements. Any Idea on how to combine them?

=COUNTIF($G$2:$G$1000,V9,$H$2:$H$1000,“Sent To ABC”) returns Err 504…

@ForcedLibreUser: If you feel forced to use LibreOffice: Who did force you, and what would you prefer?

May I read =COUNTIF($G$2:$G$1000;V9;$H$2:$H$1000;"Sent") to have a reasonable guess about the intentions?
COUNTIF only allows for 2 parameters as the help text explains. As of V4.0 there is also the function COUNTIFS applying the criterion concept extended to additional pairs of parameters.
A more general way not depending on the criterion concept is to use SUMPRODUCT: =SUMPRODUCT($G$2:$G$1000=V9;$H$2:$H$1000="Sent"). In both cases the ranges used must be identically dimensioned.

Thanks for the info. New to Libre office and knowing all the parameters is something I’m working on. SUMPRODUCT worked perfectly. Thank you again!