combining multiple worksheets in one overview pivot table

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if there’s any way I could combine two or more worksheets in one overview pivot table? I know this function does exist in excel, so it should also be available in calc. Is there any way I could analyse data from many worksheets without duplicating my data/without copying it into one worksheet? Specifically I’d like to be able to follow
actions/analysis done in the video:

[ Edit: I thought “Consolidate” might be the answer to both your question and the variation I added below. It’s not. The consolidated data loses any pertinent text, even for standardized categories, so the result is useless.
That’s when applying Consolidate to the source data sheets, intending to create a pivot table based on the consolidated data. I also tried to consolidate two pivot tables. … No good. … Consolidating Data. ]

If I add an “answer” to this 4-year-old question, does that make this question more “alive” and therefore more likely to get an actual answer?
It’s a great question.
In addition to this question, I wonder: Is it possible to combine two pivot tables? The source data for each table has a slightly different structure, but my pivot tables have the same structure. (Although the source sheets have different columns and formulae, the columns I select for my pivot tables are the same.)
Can I combine the two pivot tables?
I could copy and paste-special to get just the values, and then add them, but then any edits to the data wouldn’t appear in the result.
Can anyone answer Filip’s question and/or my variation?