combobox value depend from another combobox

Hi! I have 2 combobox:

the first combobox has as item “Red” e “Green”

the second combobox has as item:

-> "Fire" and "Blood", if the text in first combobox is "Red"

-> "Tree", if the text in first combobox is "Green"

In your opinion, is it possibile established this relation between the two combobox?

Thank you

SO: Win7 - 10

LO: 5.3 e 5.4

Sorry I hope that with this picture the problem is more clear


(Edit: activated screenshot -AK)


Your question makes little sense. You have 2 combo boxes. The first has 2 items in it - ‘Red’ & ‘Green’
The next statement is utterly confusing. What is in the second combo box. You state ‘if the text in first combobox’ twice in same statement. Where did ‘Tree’ come from? Make this simple. State what is in #1 & what in #2 combo box. Then if selection in #1 what do you expect in #2? What is the basis for this choice? What is the purpose of second combobox?

Look into the initial formatting of the question (by editing it) - it makes it clearer :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike. Had not thought that the case. Will fix.

@Mike2: I don’t know how to formatting the text, can you tell me where is a guide about it?


You can do this with an Index or Lookup. See the answers in this post.

With the combobox is not possible?

Yes, but it requires writing macros specific to what you are doing.

Yes, yes I need to improve my knowledge about macros, can You help me in any way? :slight_smile:

Maybe. First need to know precisely what you are attempting. Selection in first, what is in first, where did it come form, same for second. What is to be done after second one selected? This may only be a start. Coding is precise.