Command "--headless" does not create any file when another instance is running

This has been issued previously on StackOverflow (headless - Libreoffice convert-to not working - Stack Overflow) but there is no answer to this problem.

I wrote to @LibreOffice2 via Twitter and they sent me here.

When I want to convert documents with the “–headless” option it works flawlessly but when another instance is running it does not create any file, it being an empty document or even the “preload in memory at startup” option.

Command eg.:

soffice.exe --headless --convert-to txt <file path> --outdir <output path>

Worst scenario is that it doesn’t show any kind of error at all, so it’s imposible to know if convertion has been done or not. In my case it gets hard because I have to convert half a million documents.

Some clue about how to deal with it or why does it happens?

Thanks a lot!

You never mentioned what LO version you are running. As mentioned in the stackoverflow link you provided there was an LO bug. The bug report specified it to be fixed in v5.3.x. Just tested using LO v5.3.2.2 on Mint 18 system with multiple LO documents opened and had no problem. I do agree with you about error reporting. Have not seen solution to that.