command line client xlsx -> pdf

my task is to convert lots of xslx files to pdf on centos 6.8.
I have that working using libreoffice cli.

However, I have some problems left which I don’t find ways to solve them.

  • the generated Pdf is always in portrait but I need it in landscape. xslx is in landscape but pdf in portrait.
  • I need to fit/scale the xlsx to one page (since landscape xslx doesn’t fit to portrait)
  • the font of xlsx (arial) is converted to another font in pdf (I already created a template with arial and set it as default but cli pdf conversion seems to ignore it)

Can someone please help me?
I can’t find documentation or parameters which I could use to set parameters on how the Pdf is being generated.

I would like to know this as well

I have the same issue to find helpful documentation for changing PDF creation parameters. The following steps were helpful for me to solve some of the issues.

  1. do it once with the LO gui , then look for your user registrymodifications.xcu file and copy the PDF related lines. Example: <item oor:path="/org.openoffice.Office.Common/Filter/PDF/Export"><prop oor:name=“ExportLinksRelativeFsys” oor:op=“fuse”><value>true</value></prop></item>
  2. create a subdirectory <my directory>/LOE
  3. use your libre cli with the parameter as first parameter: -env:UserInstallation=file://<my directory>/LOE
  4. you will find then under <my directory>/LOE/user the registrymodifications.xcu file. Add there the related PDF parameters which you have copied in step 1
  5. redo your ‘convert to’ command in the terminal and use the ‘-env:UserInstallation=file://<my directory>/LOE’ parameter with the LO cli as first parameter