Command line conversion of Apple Pages produce blank output (Linux)

While the Windows version can open Pages files, the command line conversion doesn’t seem to work on Linux. What am I doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Debian 11
LibreOffice 30(Build:2) <—from debian-backports
libetonyek-0.1-1 (and libetonyek-tools) are installed

Command lines tried are for example
libreoffice --infilter=“writer_pdf_export” --headless --convert-to pdf file.pages
libreoffice --infilter=“Apple Pages” --headless --convert-to odt file.pages

Both PDF and ODT conversions produce single-digit-kB files with blank content. The input file used is just a test file created with an Apple template, containing text and images.

Does the Apple Pages test file open correctly in the GUI on your Linux version of LO?

Sorry, this is a headless installation. Still not working in 40(Build:1) though…