Command line convert-to of docx to html is not setting href to anchor for hyperlinks or toc links

I’m using LiberOffice on MacOS 10.10.4.

I’m using “soffice --convert-to html” on a .docx that contains a table of contents based on headings. The anchor tags for the headings are being generated correctly, e.g. <h1><a name="_Toc86654568">Introduction</h1>. However, the links in the table of contents are not: <a href=" "><b>Introduction 1</b></a>.

I’ve also tried using explicit bookmarks and explicit hyperlinks and I see the same problem. The bookmarks are correctly being converted to named anchors, but the generated hyperlinks do not contain the #name in the href. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a known bug?

Rather than tell us what it is not, please tell us what it is.