Command line converting files to png with transparency

Hi there!

I’m trying to convert .emf and .wmf files to .png using the command line tools, however I can’t seem to find the option (if there is one) that keeps the transparency after conversion, instead a white background appears. There is already an existing option in the GUI when I convert these files to .png and the transparency remains.

For my use case it’s important that the conversion is done via the command line as it will be automated on a remote server.

Does this feature exist?

Thanks in advance

Search for ImageMagick - it may be already on your server. Even, if there is an option in LibreOffice to do this a dedicated for Images will be more efficient.

Hi @Wanderer,

ImageMagick seems to only support.emf files on Windows, which doesn’t work for my use case: ImageMagick – Image Formats

Which is why I’m looking for a solution through LibreOffice

The site reads:
ImageMagick supports reading over 100 major file formats (not including sub-formats).”

And I saw a R for read besides wmf also. But as I only have .jpg/png/gif and some psd-files today (I convert all heic we get) I will not test.
Same for the idea to use an Office-suite as command-line image converter. There should be a better way. (To have some fun: Create your own converter in python, but instead of using it directly on the server you could use it as macro from LibreOffice or even create an extension).