command line to cause impress to loop and repeat after 0 minutes?

I’m starting impress from the following command: /usr/bin/libreoffice-impress --show --norestore /filename
and want to modify this command line to loop and repeat after 0 minutes. i"m doing this on a Raspberry Pi B 3+.

Did you get a answer/solution to this?

I managed to get a ODP to loop by opening it in Impress first, and changing it to loop at 0 seconds. However, when I took the file back to Powerpoint, edited then saved it, it loops after 10 seconds.

soffice --norestore --invisible --show file.odp

What you describe is (1) irrelevant to the original question (i.e., it needs an own question, possibly with a link to other questions that you feel related); and (2) is a bug. Namely, MS PP seems to not support the pause concept; so it simply doesn’t write the presentation:pause attribute. This is, of course, an example of bad format support on MS side; but then LO reads the modified presentation, and doesn’t follow the standard that requires that missing attribute be treated as pause 0, not 10 s.

Please file a relevant bug report.

This is tdf#61679 or tdf#83247.

Champion thank you Mike. (untested), but in theory this does what I need

Fixed in 6.3.

even better, thank you

Make a shellscript

while (true)
do  libreoffice --impress --show --norestore full_path_to_impressfile.odp

On a PPT and PPTX from Powerpoint this still does a 10 second count down (on a black screen), is there a way to reduce that to 0?

On a ODP where Loop was set to 0 in Impress, then updated a slide in Powerpoint and resaved as a ODP it also does a 10 second delay (black screen)

On a ODP from IMpress where loop is set to 0, it works fine.