Commandline interface fails, when GUI offers to ignore error

I have a few .docx files whose XML content appears to have some errors.

If I run a command such as:

soffice --headless --invisible --nodefault --nofirststartwizard --nolockcheck --nologo --norestore --convert-to pdf <PATH_TO_FILE>

it will fail with:

Error: source file could not be loaded

However, if I start a running GUI instance before invoking the command, I will be presented with this dialog:

Pressing ‘Yes’ will allow the command to proceed successfully!

So what I am looking for is a commandline switch/flag that will allow me to do the same.

Searching the documentation, I was not able to find any suitable flag.

Anyone with any ideas?

Many thanks,

There is none (I have implemented that request in GUI). If needed, you are welcome to file an enhancement request (even though I believe it’s wrong, since the question is there to bring user’s attention to the corruption, and silent data loss is never a proper thing).

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the swift response!

I see your point, but if it’s wrong for the CLI to provide a switch, then it must be wrong for the GUI to provide one also?

Having such a switch would allow me to programmatically open documents on a “best effort” basis, which for my purposes is better than “not at all”

I Filed an enhancement request here:

No, that is not silent :wink: