Comment ouvrir LibreOffice_4.2.2_MacOS_x86_langpack_fr on iMac under OS 10.9.2

Having successfully used LibreOffice for two or three years, I was asked by a newcomer to iMac to show her how to download LibreOffice in French.
So I decided to download the latest version on my own iMac including the language pack. The download went OK.
The main progran .dmg opened and the transfer to replace my existing LibreOffice went OK. Then when I tried to open
LibreOffice_4.2.2_MacOS_x86_langpack_fr.dmg it refused to open!

Comment+ouvrir++on+iMac+under+OS+10.9.2 LibreOffice_4.2.2_MacOS_x86_langpack_fr.dmg?

Sorry to tell you, but you downloaded the wrong (translation) file!
Please go to
and download that file. Mac OS X 10.8+ need a 64bit application.