Comment text being displayed vertically

I’ve been noticing a problem that sometimes crops up with commented text. Upon saving, closing, and reopening, the text in the comments becomes vertical. I cannot figure out a way to fix it, and deleting and remaking the comment leads to the same problem once I reopen the document (docx).

Here’s a picture. Does anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it? Thanks.

See Comments in Writer are in a single-character column

Saving as .docx may make the problem worse. DOCX is not a native format for Writer. Any application prefers its own file encoding. Any other format goes through two conversions: one upon reading, one upon saving. The approximations have a cumulative effect which progressively damages the document.

This seems to happen when some paragraph formatting gets applied to the comments. You can resolve by applying Clear Direct Formatting (ctrl-M) to the comments.